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This study group may include experts knowledgeable on topics in real estate including: commercial property, residential property, corporate real estate, construction, design, contracting, real estate investment, real estate investment trusts, and residential and commercial real estate brokerages, among others.

Surendra Hiranandani, the Future of Indian Real Estate is 'Definitely Bullish'

While foreign capital rushes into the Indian real estate market, the long-term future of the industry lies in the hands of Indians themselves, according to Surendra Hiranandani, founder of the Mumbai-based Hiranandani Group. He spoke with India Knowledge@Wharton following his appearance on a panel about "Global Hot Spots" during a meeting hosted by Wharton's Samuel Zell and Robert Lurie Real Estate Center.

Pallavi Real Estate Builders

Buyers, these guys (Raghavendra and Shetty), they do show good properties. But the thing is you got to register with them by paying 18k and he will show you the properties (inspection time) for less than 1 month (one day (1-2hours) in a week). Effectively 4 days (or 4-8 hours) of inspection. For me it happened that while registering, I mentioned him several places (totally about 10-15 places) and requirement as 1000sqft - 1200sqft independent house and no 20x30sqft. He promised me he will show properties as per requirement. He had shown properties only in two places (Kumarswamy layout, banshankari). Out of these he had shown only 20x30sqft properties only. Finally given time of one month was over and I lost my money. There are several people like me. Take care and don t get lost with all his convincing blabber.